Megan & Jack's Wedding at Severn Lodge!

We look forward to welcoming you to Severn Lodge for Megan and Jack's wedding on September 7th, 2024.

Upon booking, we will be taking a $100 per person deposit. Once we have billed the $100 per person deposit, Megan and Jack will be allocating rooms. The total room price will change based on the occupancy in each room and the balance will be due upon check out.

Once room allocation has been solidified, we will send another email with a price update and information about the room you will be staying in.

Below you will find room rates based on occupancy.

All rates include dinner on check-in, breakfast, lunch and wedding reception dinner on Saturday, and a breakfast buffet on check-out day.

Adult Rate (Per Person)

                                      1 Night               2 Nights 

Double                      $220                    $355

Triple                         $195                     $325

Quad                         $185                     $305


Children Rate (Per Person)

Ages                            1 Night                2 Nights

Ages 2-12                  $60                       $100

Ages 13-17                $100                     $140


*At this time we are only accepting 2-night reservations. Those booking for two nights will be given priority, if you plan on only spending one night please reach out to Megan and Jack directly.

*We are manually processing each credit card. Once payment is submitted online, it will take 1-2 business days to be processed and you will receive a confirmation letter that your $100 per person deposit has been processed.

*Please disregard the prices listed on the following screens when completing your booking - final prices will be determined once Megan and Jack finalize the room lists and an updated confirmation letter will follow.