A World of Adventure awaits at Kids Club!

Let your kids embark on a world of excitement and imagination at Severn Lodge's Kids Club. With a range of fun and educational activities, our dedicated team ensures that your little ones have an unforgettable vacation filled with new experiences and lifelong memories.

Group of kids on a dock about to go fishing
Kids club hiking
Three friends show off their boat crafts

Welcome to the Kids Club at Severn Lodge, where fun, excitement and safety are our top priorities. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to ensuring that your children have a memorable and enjoyable experience. With a range of engaging activities, games, and educational programs, we strive to create a nurturing environment where imaginations soar and friendships flourish.

From outdoor adventures to creative arts and craft projects, there's something for every child to explore and cherish at our Kids Club. Rest assured; your little ones will have a blast while making lifelong memories at Severn Lodge.

Kids riding a banana boat
Kids club fishing
A group of kids on a dock about to go paddling
A group of kids doing arts and crafts outside