Souther Breckbill (2009-2016)

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Yesterday, November 23rd, we said good-bye to our beloved Golden Retriever, Souther.  As you know, he was the “Director of Security” here at Severn Lodge. Seven years ago yesterday was the day we picked him up at 7 weeks old to become ours. He made his first trip to Florida with us along with our other Golden, Maxwell. Maxwell trained Souther to be a Severn Lodge dog and he did such a good job . When Maxwell died three years ago, Souther filled his paws and made our guests welcome and happy. We have heavy hearts and lots of tears because this happened so suddenly.  He was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumour on Saturday and was gone last night .

Sam and Holly said goodbye to their Golden boy, Tucker,  in March. Although he was not down on the property as much as Souther and Maxwell, he was a Severn Lodge boy also. We will miss our boys forever and we hope that they were able to bring you joy when you visited us as here at Severn Lodge as our “Good Will Ambassadors”.

With thanksgiving in our hearts for the gift of dogs and their unconditional love to us,

Sue and Rick Breckbill

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