A Muskoka Winter At Severn Lodge

couples resorts in ontarioSevern Lodge has become a winter wonderland. With the lower temperatures and extensive amounts of snowfall, Muskoka, Ontario is bundled up and ready for some winter fun. Although closed from October to May, Severn Lodge is one of the best family and couples resorts in Ontario. We spend most of our winter season planning for the warm and cheery summer. Read on to learn more about what Muskoka is like during the winter season.

Muskoka Winter Weather

In the Georgian Bay lake district, Severn Lodge receives ample amounts of annual snow accumulation. “Lake effect” takes all of the moisture the lake creates and sends it inland to create the beautiful snowy landscape currently blanketing Muskoka. Temperatures from late November to late march tend to average about 5°F to 30°F. Winter tends to be more overcast but this, in turn, keeps snowy areas warmer. If you are from an area that does not accrue much snow, you may not know that less sun means more warmth when there is snow. The clouds trap the heat closer to the ground, but the warm rays of the sun bounce off the snow and send the heat away again when the skies are clear.

A Little Winter History

Years ago, Severn Lodge was only accessible by boat during best muskoka resortsthe warmer weather months, and all guests were picked up in the Lodge’s 1922 vintage mahogany motor boat from the launch in Port Severn. The Lodge was closed in the winter, but the Breckbill family would always visit during the winter by a variety of ways such as walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, a 1949 tractor & trailer, a snow scoot, and a small airplane with skis instead of wheels for landing. In those days there was no running water in the winter, so a hole had to be chopped into the ice with an axe to get water for drinking and bathing. Today, it is so much easier as the roads are plowed in the winter months. Sam and Holly Breckbill live at the Lodge all year, and today it is a winter wonderland.

This Winter At Severn Lodge

Every year around the end of November the lake begins to freeze, and by January you can often find 8-12 inches of ice covering the entire lake with an additional 18-24 inches of packed and frozen snow atop it. These thick layers of ice and snow create the perfect playground for snowmobiles, ice fishing, and cross-country skiers. There is currently a thick layer of snow on the grounds surrounding Severn Lodge and more forecasted to arrive before winter is through. When the snow melts and the lake thaws, you will once again be able to enjoy one of the best couples resorts in Ontario and best Muskoka resorts, Severn Lodge. Until then, stay warm and follow Severn Lodge for updates on their webcam to keep up with continuously updated conditions and the gorgeous Muskoka winter.

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