Beginner Tips on Wakeboarding From Severn Lodge

A wakeboarder catches air on a turbulent wave.

Wakeboarding is a wildly popular and exhilarating water sport. However, it can be hard to learn. That’s why the Severn Lodge team put together this guide so more people can learn how to enjoy this thrilling activity. We invite you to learn how to wakeboard at one of Ontario’s celebrated all-inclusive family resorts. 

What Is Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a popular water sport where the rider stands afloat on a wakeboard while being pulled by a motor boat. A wakeboard can be imagined as being like a skateboard but on water. Like a skateboard, people with advanced wakeboarding skills often perform tricks. However, until you feel comfortable with wakeboarding, don’t feel pressured to keep up with the pros.

How To Select the Best Wakeboard for You

You can select the right wakeboard length for you based on your weight. Your wakeboard manufacturer should have a sizing chart for you, but you can also get an idea from the Surfer Today Wakeboard Size Chart. You should also make sure you’re selecting a wakeboard built for beginners. These are larger, more stable, and, better yet, often cheaper! Some other equipment you’ll need is wakeboarding boots, a life jacket, and a wakeboarding rope.

Beginner Tips for Getting the Hang of Wakeboarding

  • Ensure the boat operator understands you’re a beginner, so they drive more slowly.
  • Bring a friend along to watch you and alert the operator if you fall or if there are any nearby hazards. 
  • You should figure out which foot to place forward before you attempt wakeboarding for the first time. Think about which foot you would use to kick a ball, and make sure that one is behind. 
  • Use a shorter wakeboarding rope between 30-50 feet because it will position you closer to the wake, making standing on your wakeboard more stable. 
  • Practice your wakeboarding stance on land with a partner strong enough to support your weight. Sit on the ground with your knees facing forward and bent and your feet flat on the ground. Your partner will lift you from the ground with your arms so you can practice your stance with a similar force from being pulled by the motorboat. 
  • While you are wakeboarding, make sure to stay looking ahead. You could quickly lose your balance if you look down at your feet. 
  • Keep the wakeboarding rope handle at the hip level for better balance and control.
  • Make sure you and the operator understand some essential wakeboarding hand signals such as thumbs up to go faster, thumbs down to go slower and pat the top of your head to tell the operator you want to stop.

Discover the thrill of wakeboarding when you book your stay today!